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welcome to where dragons dwell.


We at 'Where dragons dwell' are private breeders of bearded dragons specialising in high end colour morphs. Although we strive to provide our customers with a wide variety of coloured dragons our main concern is the health and happiness of our beardies.

Bearded Dragons are unique in the reptile world in their ability to interact and bond with their owners. They are curious and tame by nature and with the proper care will give you many years of rewarding companionship.

We will be in Kidderminster, UK on the 24th of July and Kempton Park, UK on the 14th of August.

We are able to ship dragons from Hamm, Germany on the 10th of September directly to the US through Dutch Dragon Import. If interested please contact us or Arthur at info@dutchdragonimport..com


We are now able to ship to France 4 x per year directly after the Hamm shows....next Hamm show is the 10th of September.


Unfortunately due to ever increasing shipping and export costs we will have to charge 20,- euro per dragon going to mainland Europe and 10,- euro per dragon going to the UK.

We will have to charge 5,- euro a week for any dragon we hold longer than three weeks before delivery.